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Our main objective is to professionally install all types of floors under the highest standards of the industry. We make enormous efforts to offer top quality service while securing a safe environment for a satisfied customer. Ancient City Construction has built a proven reputation of flooring installation in the market for great quality work and customer satisfaction. Our main advertising channel has always been “word of mouth”. This is why we guard our reputation as our most valuable asset.

Why waste your valuable time and money trying to do difficult, exacting work that may have a poor or failed outcome?  We recommend you leave the job to professionals.  Our videos fully demonstrate our experience, knowledge, and superior equipment.  Once you entrust the job to us, you can relax and look forward to a floor installation that is flawless and stress-free.


If you want the classic beauty of hardwood floors in a special home you plan to own for many years, you deserve an experienced, reputable contractor who provides top-quality floor installation.  When it comes to customer satisfaction, Ancient City Construction is second to none.  Our unique services are for the particular homeowner who seeks the highest quality materials and workmanship.  Our services are also for those who refuse to compromise the health and cleanliness of their home during the remodeling process.


St Augustine, Florida